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Our Mission

mission statement

To provide high quality radio broadcasting services to stakeholders while providing employment opportunities for Indigenous persons and promoting positive messages of Indigenous culture.

WARNING: Aboriginal people are warned this site may contain images of deceased people

Now Playing
Let's Go
by Cars

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12:44:19 Malt & Barley Blues
by McGuinness Blues
12:40:41 2 Stones
by Even
12:35:53 Hymn to Her
by The Pretenders
12:32:38 Heaven
by The Psychedelic Furs
12:29:00 Bondini
by Stewart Long
12:24:37 Why Can't I Be You
by The Cure
12:21:16 You Came
by Kim Wilde
12:17:33 Fire
by Yothu Yindi
12:13:00 Pilot Of The Airways
by Charlie Dore
12:09:47 Jeans On
by David Dundas
12:05:06 Maambart
by Gina Williams
11:54:41 Into Temptation
by Crowded House
11:51:08 Tom Wills World
by Neil Murray
11:29:09 Right On Track
by The Breakfast Club
11:21:25 Black The Sun
by Alex Lloyd
11:06:22 Lembana Mani Mani
by Sunrize Band
10:58:24 Human Touch
by Bruce Springsteen
10:53:27 Burn For You
10:50:16 Why Should I
by Candice Lorrae
10:46:19 Don't Answer Me
by Alan Parsons Project
10:41:51 Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of
by U2
10:38:36 Lovefool
by Cardigans
10:34:31 One On One
by Hall + Oates
10:31:13 Kintorelakutu (Towards Kintore)
by Warumpi Band
10:26:21 Road to Nowhere
by Talking Heads
10:23:33 Don't Ask Me Why
by Billy Joel
10:19:36 Double Standards
by Zenith
10:15:14 Don't Stop
by Rolling Stones
10:11:33 Look So Fine, Feel So Low
by Dan Sultan
10:08:50 Respect Old Tracks
by Christine Walsh
10:05:09 Magic
by Cars
10:01:48 Open Road
by Bryan Adams
09:58:30 Dancing the Night Away
by Yabu Band
09:54:55 Good Things In Life
by Troy Cassar Daley
09:51:25 Weather With You
by Crowded House