The objectives of Noongar Media Enterprises is to:

01. Provide Noongar people with a media that recognises, reepects and affirms our distinct identity and inherent rights and responsibilities in Australian society as Noongar people;
02. Protect and promote the human rights of all Noongar people, which includes women, youth and children whose interests must be acknowledged and respected at all times;
03. Produce and broadcast independent programs that address issues of importance to Noongar and Aboriginal people, which also recognize our connections with Indigenous peoples worldwide;
04. Assist and support the revival and maintenance of Noongar language and cultural identity through broadcast of Noongar language programs:
05. Promote and highlight Indigenous music end musicians;
06. Support the Noongar representative organizations, particularly in the amen of health and healing, law and justice, the arts and music, education and employment, through their direct involvement;
07. Ensure the active participation of the members of the Noongar community in the affairs of the Association and in accordance with the Community Broadcasting radio code of practice;
08. Ensure the employment and professional development of Noongar people at all levels, including management, production, broadcast and administration;
09. Provide professional training and traineeships in the areas of broadcasting production and journalism;
10. Recognise and promote the impedance of volunteers who may be members of the Noongar and wider community;
11. Support the development of other forms of Indigenous media, including Indigenous television and film.