Noongar Media Enterprises (NME) acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy of your personal and financial information, and takes this responsibility very seriously. Strict policies implemented at NME ensure that we do not pass on your names, addresses, email addresses or any other personal information. NME does not retain any financial information from its audience, only personal details which have been supplied to NME when you have contacted us.

When you contact NME online, you give us your consent to treat your personal data in accordance with this online privacy policy and for the purposes described below.

How NME Uses Your Personal Information

Personal information given to NME will be used to register you with our website and/or subscription database and to administer our website services. From time to time we will send subscribers updates by email and/or post. In every instance, this will only happen if you give us your permission by submitting your personal details.

Otherwise, we use your information only to review our performance and to improve our subscriber and online services.

If you have any queries about this, telephone NME on +61 (0) 8 9928 0606.