Our Audience

Who listens?

Noongar Radio has a community broadcast licence to present programming to the Noongar community of Perth. Noongar Radio can be heard clearly all over the metropolitan area.

Our programming is aimed specifically at Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, however. feedback and anecdotal evidence shows the station has developed a loyal following in the non-Indigenous community because of the music mix Noongar Radio offer.

According to a McNair Radio Listener survey, 54% of the population listens to community radio each week.

Why Sponsor Noongar Radio? Because Noongar Radio = Indigenous audience.

It’s as simple as that. If you’re an organisation that needs to target an Indigenous audience, then Noongar Radio is the perfect tool to deliver your message.

Noongar Radio is the only Aboriginal radio station in the Perth metropolitan area and more than a third of WA’s Indigenous population lives there.

As Noongar Radio is a community radio station, they can’t play more than five minutes of sponsorship spots per hour. This means your message won’t be lost in a sea of advertising.

Noongar Radio is much cheaper than commercial radio or mainstream media.

More importantly, by investing in sponsorship on Noongar Radio you are investing back into the community.

Noongar Radio not only offers representative and empowering programming, it’s also an important training ground for young indigenous people in the media.

Noongar Radio needs corporate sponsorship to survive and grow. Become a sponsor now and reap the rewards today!