26 January 9am-11am

The 26th of January marks 236 years since the British First Fleet colonised this land.

It is not a day of rejoicing – it is a day of mourning and commemorating.

The first Day of Mourning protest was held in 1938, organised by First Nations Elders and activists on the 150th anniversary of colonisation https://aiatsis.gov.au/explore/day-of-mourning.

This Day of Mourning, let’s transform our grief into hope for the future grounded in Truth and Justice.

On January the 26th at Victoria Gardens on Royal St, we will hold a ceremony to acknowledge the past and move toward a better future.

It’s a chance to experience the oldest living culture in the world, and get to know the love and connection to land, sea, and sky Country. Most importantly, it’s a chance to understand the experiences of First Nations people, including the injustices past and ongoing.

We must build a shared vision and future for this nation based on truth-telling, listening and respecting our interconnected histories.

This is your chance to show your solidarity!

Date: Fri 26 January 2024

Website: https://contact-wa.greens.org.au/civicrm/event/register?id=14632&reset=1

Email: [email protected]

10 Royal Street
Victoria Gardens

Phone: 08 9228 3277