Brodie Moore was just 17 when he joined the army and served as a rifleman in the 6th battalion Royal Australian Regiment (6 RAR) for six years. Brodie was deployed to Afghanistan in 2010 on Mentoring Task Force One (MTF-1). 

This deployment was the bloodiest of the entire Afghanistan campaign. They suffered heavy losses and six soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice from his battle group and five others from Special Operations.

But the battle didn’t end on the frontline. No stranger to grief and loss, he has seen many of his friends from the Army suffer after returning home – with some losing the battle and taking their own life. 

He has recently become a part of the Classics for a Cause x Veteran Benefits Australia Patient Care Team offering health checks to veterans in the community via a mobile health service.

Brodie spoke with Mark on the Breakfast Show.

Helping people access veterans benefits and services

Helping people access veterans benefits and services