If you would like to do a shout out or request a song you can do so on our requests show:

  • Hospital Hotline “Reach Out Request”
Image: Hospital Hotline banner, Pictured is Host – Stanley Penny

From 11am -12pm, hosted by Stanley Penny, hospital hotline is a request show for family and friends to put on a request or shout out to their loved ones who are currently in hospital. Being away from home, whether your from the country or a local city slicker, being in hospital can be lonely, so this show is dedicated to entertain you for the hour with your friend Stanley who is always sending positive vibes your way and wants to put a smile on your face. SMS 0476 797 601 during the show to send your requests and shout outs.

  • Inside out [Prison Request]
Image: Inside Out Banner, Pictured is Host -Neil Coyne

Airs on Sunday’s at 5pm-9pm [AWST] with host Neil Coyne. This is the prison request show and is dedicated to send messages, shout outs and requested songs for family members from those who are incarcerated and allows gives opportunities for family members to also send requests. This is a pre-recorded show, so if you wish to put a request on for the Inside Out program you must send in your requests by Thursday each week via our 100.9FM Noongar Radio Facebook Page or SMS: 0476 797 601.

  • Saturday Night By Request [SNBR]
Image: Saturday Night By Request Banner, Picture is host – Vandal

SNBR is a themed request show hosted by Vandal every Saturday night from 6pm-10pm [AWST]. You can either SMS 0476 797 601 or message us on our 100.9FM Noongar Radio Facebook page to request a song according to the theme.

Send us your Requests:

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