Dr John Owen and his wife Jan run the Kimberley Dental Team, a not-for-profit charity made up of dental professionals which visit the Kimberley and provide free of charge dental care to those in need.

They have run the charity for 13 years now, and have made countless trips to the Kimberley, covering almost 11,000kms in their last trip.

The Owens visit the Kimberley twice a year with a team of dental professionals and provide dental help for anyone who needs it, from children to adults, while also promoting good oral health practices.

They joined Mark on breakfast to chat about the importance of promoting good dental hygiene, as well as chatting about the relationships they have built with communities in the region over the years.

Listen to the full chat here:

Kimberley Dental Team | Breakfast with Mark

Kimberley Dental Team | Breakfast with Mark