This year was very different and Noongar Radio had to think outside the box this July as our NAIDOC in Perth was canceled due to COVID-19. NAIDOC is the time of the year were we all come together to celebrate, promote, and educate about our culture. But this year was totally different and being unaware of the unknown during that time, whether we were able to celebrate it at all in 2020, due to all the restrictions that came with COVID-19, it was quite disheartening. But never to allow obstacles to get in the way of true celebration, Noongar Radio was up for the challenge and decided to do a “Celebration of Culture” Week in July.

The week was full of indigenous businesses, cultural groups, elders, dance groups, AFL Stars and more, being interviewed from all over Australia. Discussing all aspects of culture and it’s importance was the main topic throughout the interviews conducted in our programs. Using our platform to create a week that was so informative and cultural driven allowed us, Noongar Radio, to take the lead in the community and continue through the storm, known as COVID. Similar to our ancestors before us who had to find different tactics to perceiver and overcome the challenges they were faced each day whilst living off the land in its natural state, never giving up, but continuing to put culture first and endeavour into the future, overcoming obstacles.

Culture is the identity in which the Indigenous people of this land are so proud of, its part of our belonging. Which is why it was so important for us as the “Peoples” Radio Station to host a week full of culture during a time of uncertainty and a strain on mental health as a result of isolation.

Image Collage from Noongar Radio’s cultural celebration week.

Then November came, and we were notified that NAIDOC will be celebrated with a week of events, commencing from the 11th of November. Starting with a live broadcast from the opening ceremony, bringing back the two deadly marmuns [men], the “Norty Bro’s”, as hosts for the event, its was packed full of fun and entertainment. Then we had an outside broadcast in Heathridge, hosted by Djinda Wellbeing