On Tuesday morning Mark was joined by the City of Gosnells’ Environmental Projects Officer Claire Barton to talk about the increasing number of non-native fish the council is removing from local waterways.

Claire said that the council has now removed over 120 non-native fish from different Canning waterways, with the biggest fish removed being a 1.1 metre Murray river cod which weighed 30 kilos and was known to eat ducklings.

Other non-native fish found include carp, goldfish and spangled perch, with these fish affecting water quality and local biodiversity, as well as contributing to algae blooms.

The council is calling on people to donate unwanted fish instead of dumping them, and if you see any non-native fish in our waterways you can report them here.

Listen to full the yarn here:

Claire Barton | Breakfast with Mark

Claire Barton | Breakfast with Mark