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1st Show Back in 2022!!

Marley, Mel and Simone return with their very first show in 2022 with very special guest, Sunshine Gilderoy Dauterive Listen back to the great yarn [talk].

 @gilly_shine is an international man of wizardry, casting magical sunshine spells all over the internet and making people smile. Gilly went viral on Tik Tok with their uplifting content earlier this year.

Their sound has been viewed and shared by thousands of people including celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Garner.

Gilly joins us on Rainbow Kinection this evening to discuss his joyful content creation, a passion for safe spaces on the internet for LGBTQIAP+ identifying people and autism awareness.

Episode 1: Tik Tok Star “Gilly”

Episode 1: Tik Tok Star “Gilly”